1. Low Expulsion Rate
   Memory alloy support is not easy to deform in the uterine cavity.  Shape designed according to the form of the uterus and dynamic mechanism, hence it is not easy to translocate and expulse.

2. Low Rate of Pregnancy with IUD in Situ.    
   Delivers effective contraceptive substance to the high, middle, and low position of the uterine cavity, hence better serves its contraceptive function.

3. Slight Side Effects
   With a copper surface area of 225mm2, it has little stimulation to the endometrium and slight  side effects of bleeding and pain.

4. Long Life
   This IUD could remain in the uterus for 15 years.

5. Retrograde Infection Prevention
   Without tail filament, the possibility of retrograde infection is extinguished and men's   discomfort caused by it is eliminated.

6. Easy and Convenient Insertion and Removal   
   Inserted by means of withdrawal, which is easy and convenient.  Strong sense of metal friction between probe and IUD's   lower edge at the time of removal, which enables positioning accurate and extractor be easy to operate.  Easy and convenient rechecking by means of B ultrasonic wave or X-rays after insertion.